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Welcome to Liberty Plaza Dental! We are an established family dental clinic serving Milpitas, California. Founded by certified and top-rated dentist Dr. Alvin Tan, Liberty Plaza Dental offers comprehensive, family dental health care services, from wisdom teeth removal to dental restoration and dental implant procedure to advanced endodontics.

We won’t suggest treatment you do not require. Our convenient hours make for a hassle-free, and stress-free dental care near me stop on your way in or out of the city.

Our entire professional dental staff at our Milpitas clinic is committed to offering our patients the complete dental care. Book an appointment to know more about superior dental health!

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Our Services

We offer complete and quality dental health services and cosmetic dentistry for our patients in Milpitas, CA. We encourage you to learn more about what we provide and how we can help.


Do you want to straighten your teeth without the traditional braces?  Invisalign treatment offers similar outcomes as metal braces without all the restrictions and limitations.  This procedure utilizes clear aligners to move your teeth into correct alignment. Our aligners are custom-made to fit your mouth perfectly.

Liberty Plaza Dental provides Invisalign treatment along with low cost monthly payments and a free consultation. Schedule your free consultation today!  Schedule your free consultation today!

Your teeth could have crowding or spacing problems because of many reasons. Our dentist will perform a smile evaluation and will go over your expectations. We will inform you if you are a good candidate for clear braces.

Because of the accuracy needed for fitting the clear aligners, we suggest that you complete any major treatment before starting the Invisalign procedure, to make sure your aligners will fit properly, and there is less disruption in the straightening procedure.

Your child will also appreciate the advantages of Invisalign Teen. Instead of using metal braces, Invisalign is made with comfort in mind. You are very much aware that braces could obstruct the look of your teen, and it might impact their self-confidence at a situation when it’s most vital.

Clear Braces Traditional Braces Night Guards

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt inside your mouth. When they align correctly, and your gum tissue is healthy, it shouldn’t be removed. Unluckily, that doesn’t happen most of the time. The extraction of a wisdom tooth is needed if they develop sideways, emerge partially from the gum or it might even be trapped under your bone and gums.
While extraction of wisdom teeth  is the same as other tooth removals, you will find various factors, which make this dental process distinct. The timing of removal is a vital element in knowing when wisdom extraction should take place.
Remove your discomfort and save cash through the process. You might have recognized that the worrying pain in the back of your mouth is coming from your wisdom teeth. While such scenarios are problematic, the pain might not be your major worry. Liberty Plaza Dental can provide you with reasonable wisdom teeth removal cost without bargaining the quality of care.

Schedule your free consultation today!

Extractions Extraction Site Preservation Bone Grafting Orthodontics


Liberty Plaza Dental also performs periodontal examinations to evaluate your gum health. By inserting an instrument between your gums and your teeth, we measure the space between the top of your gums and know where it fastens to the teeth. Doing this allows us to spot any concerns.

If the space is too deep, it becomes complicated to clean well, and it might present periodontal illness. If you have periodontal illness, your Liberty Plaza Dental dentist might suggest a deep dental cleaning.

To keep your periodontium in great health, we offer careful periodontal examinations as well as cleanings. Our deep and scaling methods could reach areas of your gums and teeth, which an average toothbrush can’t get through. Our team could also clean below your gum line to get rid of any bacteria, which might infect your gum tissue when left alone for a longer time.

For severe and harsh cases of periodontitis, Dr. Alvin Tan or Dr Jocelyn Damian might suggest surgical treatment. We could talk about this option with you and any issues you might have.

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Frenectomy Occlusal Adjustment Scaling & Root Planing Oral Surgery


Normal oral functional is simple to take for granted – until it is completely gone. If damaged or missing teeth are making it difficult for you to enjoy your life to the fullest, our restorative dental services could help. Our Liberty Plaza Dental dentists provide a wide array of restorative dental treatments, which could:

  • Make it simpler for you to care for your teeth, so they remain healthy
  • Offer you the freedom to enjoy all types of foods
  • Enable you to smile with confidence again
  • Fix damaged teeth, so they are good as before
  • Change missing teeth to fill the gaps in your smile

If you are one of those people who are suffering from missing tooth or teeth, our restorative dentistry service could help you recover the function and look of your smile.

To learn more about our restorative services, like crowns and bridges, feel free to contact our team at Liberty Plaza Dental. Our professional and committed restorative dentist in Milpitas, California, would be grateful to carry you through your options.    Schedule your free consultation today!

  • Dental Bridges. Having missing teeth could impact the way you smile, speak, and eat. A dental bridge could help fill in the gap and preserve the look of your natural teeth.
  • Dentures. Many individuals lose their teeth as they grow old. If you’re one of them, you might be a candidate for dentures. Our team could help you decide whether are the teeth replacement option for you.
  • Tooth Fillings. You don’t need to worry if you’re suffering from cavity. Our tooth filling dentist is always here to assist you.
  • Crown. Do your teeth become decayed or damaged? A tooth crown might enable us to save your precious teeth.

To learn more about our restorative services, like crowns and bridges, feel free to contact our team at Liberty Plaza Dental.  Schedule your free consultation today!


Bridges Crowns Dentures Bonding and White Fillings

Dental Hygiene

Has it been some time since your last cleaning? Have you been keeping away from the dentist even though you are suffering from tooth pain? At Liberty Plaza Dental, we know how hard it could be for you to find a dentist you could trust and depend on. For years, our caring dental team has made it their priority to offer safe treatments, which are intended at enhancing the health of your gums and teeth.

Many individuals understand that it is vital to brush your teeth regularly. However, the American Dental Association also suggests that you visit your personal dentist regularly. Fortunately, our family dental clinic wants to help you keep your teeth in the best shape.

Our  dentist will assess your gums and teeth to diagnose your oral health.  Then, we will slowly get rid of any tartar and plaque, which has accumulated on your teeth. We will brighten your teeth with an air polisher, and we will floss your teeth as well. Our dentist will conduct an oral examination of your gums and teeth, and possibly perform x-rays if required.

After your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, you’ll get an opportunity to discuss your health goals with our team. Now, if you are due for your next teeth cleaning, give Liberty Plaza Dental a call!

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a stable, functional method to change damaged or missing teeth. Dental implants work very well, as they are affixed to your jawbone. Therefore, it offers you a secure support for the artificial teeth, which are attached to them. Dental implants offer a more natural fit compared to dentures and bridges.
Preserve the natural look of your smile and enhance your overall health with permanent dental implants. At Liberty Dental Plaza, we could keep your smile strong and healthy by placing dental implants.
Dental implants will last for many years and it will help you sustain good oral health. You could consider them as an investment to have that amazing smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry

We see healthy smiles regularly. However, we also see misaligned, stained, and damaged teeth. If you’re one of those patients who are not satisfied with the look of your teeth, then our cosmetic dentistry provides you the chance to hit the reboot button on smiles. No matter if you wish to close the gap in your teeth with porcelain veneers or you want to brighten your smiles, Liberty Plaza Dental provides a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services that will help you change your smile.

We offer a broad spectrum of family cosmetic dentistry services, which will enhance the look of smiles for patients from Milpitas, California, and other surrounding communities.

If you have suffered from tooth damage or misaligned teeth, Liberty Plaza Dental’s specialist could preserve your teeth to accomplish a brilliant smile. Our team presents treatment options in our friendly and comfortable family dental clinic.

Veneers Lumineers Whitening Inlays and Onlays


A root canal treatment is a treatment done to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth intead of removing it.  The inflammation or infection can have variety of causes like deep dental caries, cracked tooth or an injury to the tooth.  At Liberty Plaza Dental, we will do our best to eliminate pain and make the procedure comfortable and painless. Our objective is to make each visit more comfortable.  Root canal treatment are needed  when there is decay or crack into the pulp chamber of the tooth, so visiting a dentist regularly and checking for cavities at an early stage may prevent root canal treatment.  Come and visit our office if you require root canal treatment.

Root Canal Retreatment

Meet Our Staff

Our goal is to provide bespoke, quality dental care in a comfortable, friendly setting. We focus on the overall satisfaction and comfort of every patient. With the help of advanced methods, materials, and technology, we aim to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients. You can rest assured that we will present you with the most efficient and pleasant dental experience possible.

All of our trained and professional dental staff at our Milpitas clinic is committed to helping you establish and sustain your perfect smile.

Alvin Tan, DMD

Jocelyn Damian, DMD

Jocelyn Damian, DMD

Dr. Joyce Damian takes pride in her passion for dentistry with special interest in cosmetic dentistry, preventative and children’s dental care. She brings her gentle manner, warmth and charisma to our practice.
Prior to entering the field of dentistry, Dr. Damian received a Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy.
After getting her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, she passed the Dental Boards of California in 2000, and started practicing dentistry in the bay area where she continues to practice to this day.
She offers a broad range of dental health services and cosmetic dentistry, ranging from teeth cleaning and white dental fillings, to bridges, dental crowns, dentures.
While keeping busy helping Bay Area residents to keep their smiles and teeth healthy, Dr. Damian continues to expand her knowledge and skills through advanced trainings and workshops. Since finishing school, Dr. Damian has attended numerous workshops and conferences to expand herknowledge of dentistry, and to bring latest tools and dental procedures to her everyday practice. Her training includes Advanced Cosmetic Restoration, Workshops on Prosthodontics, and many other.
When she is not taking care of other people’s teeth, She enjoys spending time with her son. She is very active, loves Muay thai and kickboxing, enjoys Ballroom dancing, painting and is a party planner.


Jocelyn Damian, DMD


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Value your family dental care and help safeguard all from poor oral health and its link to overall health. Here at Liberty Plaza Dental, we will offer you the superior dental health services you truly deserve. We are committed to providing our patients with the best dental hygiene.

As our patient, we will present you with suitable and straightforward access to our pediatric dentist, oral surgeon, and periodontist.

Our dental center flourished in presenting refreshing experience in dental care along with cutting-edge technology as well as client service standards of an elegant setting. Every receptionist, dental staff, and dentist aim to make you feel relaxed and well versed in your periodontal treatment.

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    What Our Patients Say About Us

    I have been going to liberty dental for a couple years now. The staff is always super friendly and both of the dentists make each visit very comfortable. I love the tv’s that are setup for you to relax and watch. Everything is extremely clean and looks sanitized throughout the place. I have had major work done on my teeth over the last two years and they have been great at controlling the pain while i have been in the chair. I usually need extra shots to numb everything, but they numb me each and every time on the first shot. If you are in the market for a new dentist you need to give them a try.

    Chris B.

    Came in on 12/27/2018 to have my chipped and rotten tooth removed. Dr. Tan administered such gentle care and great expertise. I have had a handful of dentists in the past, and none were as efficient and professional as Dr. Tan. I look forward to making this my dental office of primary choice for years to come. Highly recommended dentist and dental practice.

    Don Nguyen

    I went in to get a deep cleaning with Dr Joyce. The girl working the check-in desk was very helpful & friendly. She was very specific & informative on what my insurance would cover. For the deep cleaning, Dr Joyce was amazing! She made the whole procedure accommodating & comfortable. She was thorough, gentle, & speedy. I highly recommend Liberty Plaza Dental! You won’t be disappointed!!! 👍🏾👍🏾

    Michael Saturnio

    Dr. Tan is the most skilled dentist that I have been going to for the past almost 10 years now. He’s patient, kind and incredibly great at what he does. Whether it’s getting some big work done to regular teeth cleaning, Dr. Tan is the dentist to choose.

    Jenna C.